Why invest in a Social Media Marketer?

My question for you is can you afford not to? The plain fact is that if your business or brand isn’t on social or are on social but doing it badly or sporadically then you are most definitely losing out on reaching your ideal clients and potential business. Why would you want to do that?

Why Invest In A Social Media Marketer

OK, you might think I’m biased because it’s my job so let me point you to the facts*:

  • There are over 3 billion people using social media, and the number increases every year.
  • Every second, there are 11 new people that use social media for the first time.
  • About 90% of marketers noticed their social marketing efforts increased exposure.
  • In 2016, $40 billion was spent on advertising via social media channels.
  • 75% of marketers noticed that social marketing increased their traffic.
  • Worldwide, 47% of adults believe that social media is an effective channel for customer service, while 53% do not.
  • Social media budgeting for advertising doubled from 2014-2016.

Increasingly less money is being spent on traditional advertising such as TV and print media because it makes more sense to be where your audiences are (social media) and directly market to them via the different platforms.

To market effectively through social media takes time and effort. It’s not just posting and hoping for the best and this is where investing in a trained Social Media Marketer will really pay off.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  1. Social media is super crowded and noisy so you must be posting relevant, varied, appealing content to catch and hold the attention of your audience. This requires planning and creativity. A Social Media Marketer will suggest, source and create content bespoke to your brand, having first worked with you to understand your business and identify the right platforms to be on.
  2. There is absolutely no way you should post and run.  You need a detailed strategy and plan of action. A Social Media Marketer will test content and use your channel analytics to establish the optimum times to post. This enables you to reach and engage with as many people as possible. They will even schedule your posts for you (which trust me is VERY time consuming!)
  3. It’s called social media for a reason and I can’t stress this point enough – be social! You must talk to current clients, potential customers and influencers in your field to build a trusted online presence for your brand. Again, this is time consuming but a Social Media Marketer will incorporate this into your strategy and will do it on your behalf unless you want to get stuck in!
  4. As well as talking you need to be listening. Listening to what others are saying about your brand and other brands in your field.  Monitoring (ok, slightly stalking) your competitors is a must to help you stay ahead of the game. A Social Media Marketer knows the tools and tricks to do this and will share the good but also deal with the bad swiftly. Social media is unique in that it offers a chance to identify and rectify problems in real time.
  5. Some people feel completely overwhelmed by the ridiculously fast pace of change in the social media world. I’ll admit it can be exhausting but it’s our job to keep on top of platform changes and marketing trends. If we don’t then we’ll get left behind which is kinda bad for business.  All you need to do is sit back and benefit from our experience.
  6. There’s no point having a strategy if you’re not measuring your progress. It’s important to routinely check your analytics to see what is and isn’t working. A Social Media Marketer will provide regular updates and reports so you can clearly identify the best use of your time on social media and see the return on your investment.

So that’s just a few reasons why I think you should invest in a Social Media Marketer. You get all of the above and probably much more as many come from backgrounds in marketing, communications, advertising and PR. Just think of all that experience and skill to be tapped in to!

I hope you’ve found this blog useful. If you’d like more information or just a chat over a virtual coffee about how I can help you and your business cut through the noise on social media then give me (Kat) a shout at stripesocialmedia@gmail.com

* sourced from https://learn.g2crowd.com/social-media-statistics#social-media-statistics

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