The back to work countdown begins

Hello! I’m Kat, a thirty something first time mum to a beautiful little girl, Willow. In just under two weeks I’m going back to work after ten mostly wonderful months of maternity leave.

The Back To Work Countdown Begins

Not another mum blog I hear you say! Well yes it is but my head and heart are so full of conflicting feelings about returning to work that I’m writing this to help me make sense of it all and hopefully connect with other parents who are going through or have gone through the same thing.

There have been good days and bad days as I expect most parents have experienced.  She’s still yet to sleep through the night and how bloody hard can breast feeding be? It’s messy, everything I own is covered in breast milk, it’s tiring and breast feeding in public?  Either your baby unlatches and milk hits the people sitting at the table next to you or you have to deal with passers by rubber necking at your engorged boobs – not sexy. On the positive side it has been an incredible way to bond with my baby and know that I’m giving her the best start I possibly can. And it’s absolutely necessary to eat cake. You need 500 extra calories a day when feeding you know! Anyway I digress….

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