October social media round-up

Hello! How was your October? I hope it was full of autumn walks, pumpkins, treats and the odd trick – ours certainly was!

This round up is coming out a little later than planned because I’ve had an awful cold for the last week. Think fuzzy head, zero energy and generally feeling very sorry for myself. In another life I’d have carried on working regardless and probably have made myself even more ill. Last week, however, I allowed myself the time to rest and recover.


As a freelancer, I’m the most important asset to my business. If I don’t take care of myself, I’ll be no good to anyone and won’t be able to give 100% to my clients or family. By taking the time out, I now feel properly well and ready to get stuck back in. Sure, I have a backlog of work but that’s the beauty of freelancing isn’t it? I can make the time up when I choose.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve had to work on this mindset over time. The odd feeling of guilt does creep in – a hangover from my corporate days I may never shake. It’s the season for winter bugs and colds so if you’re a freelancer and debating whether to push on through then I urge you to stop, put your feet up and whack a box set on. Oh and get your flu jab!

Work wise I’ve been busy planning content with clients up until the end of December. Forward planning means Christmas campaigns are agreed in lots of time and I can start getting the content prepped and ready. It also ensures that my clients have full visibility of what’s coming up and can plan their Christmas down time, as can I.  I just need to get a jump on my Christmas shopping and I’ll be sorted!

On to the October social media round up. Here’s my list of the major changes and updates:

  1. Twitter bans all political adverts. A great move in my opinion. Political coverage should be earned, not paid for. The political parties should be producing great content that speaks to the electorate so hopefully they will up their game. Sadly, Facebook is not following suit.
  2. Instagram tests group Stories. This is great for social media marketers who want to create a sense of exclusivity or FOMO with their customers.
  3. Instagram Stories ‘Create’ mode is released. This is a fun addition to the suite of stories tools. It brings out some of the more established features such as questions, countdowns and polls. They’ve also added GIFs (hooray) and templates to help you create engaging Stories quickly. Fun and functional.
  4. Instagram removes the following tab. I’m actually not a fan of this. I thought it was a great way to find new and related content for me and my clients. Instagram really want to push the Explore tab instead which I don’t think returns half as relevant content but maybe it’s something that will get better with time.
  5. Facebook make changes to how organic reach is recorded. As if organic reach wasn’t hard enough for social media managers on Facebook! It’s actually a truer representation of your reach as now only unique accounts are counted. Still another hurdle to get over and A LOT of explaining to confused clients!
  6. Facebook tests a separate news feed. In an effort to tackle fake news on the platform, Facebook are testing a separate newsfeed where only verified news outlets can upload content.  It makes sense to do this as more and more people choose to consume their daily news from social media (though often without fact checking or verifying the source). However, some news sources are already crying favouritism as, of course, Facebook has the final say over who can and can’t publish. Will this be an impartial source of information or a stream of content willing to push Facebook’s agenda? Time will tell.
  7. Instagram tests a new product launch feature. Similar to the countdown sticker this new feature will count down to a product launch and possible have shoppable links. For any product based businesses out there this is a social media marketers dream.

Of course I’ve been listening to the DIFTK podcast. Frankie and Steve never fail to dole out the advice you’ve been looking for but others are too afraid to say. Really hoping to get #FuckTheHustle trending ha! You must check out this episode.

I’ve also started reading Playing Big by Tara Mohr. It was sent to me by a client earlier this year and I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. It tackles the endemic issue of women not playing big or having the confidence to do what they really want to do in life and business. Why are we so full of fear and self doubt? What’s really holding us back? It’s a practical book with exercises to work through so I’ll let you know how I get on.

Lastly, there’s also one space left on my last Instagram for Small Business Workshop for 2019. Excitingly it’s at a new venue so I can’t wait to meet a whole new bunch of people and hopefully there will be plenty more in 2020. I’ve already started thinking about new courses I might offer so watch this space!     

As ever you can catch up on previous round ups, have a chat on my social channels @stripesocial or email me at stripesocialmedia@gmail.com

Yell if you need a hand with anything!

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