May Social Media Round Up

Hello and how are you?

I can’t believe May has come and gone already. It seems like two minutes since I was writing the April round up.


One of the highlights of my month was going to Freelance Heroes Day in Wolverhampton. Despite the train journey from hell to get there, it was such a fantastic experience. It was so brilliant to meet up with people that I chat to weekly but have never met in real life. Everyone was so cool and lovely. I also got to meet Jen from my Digital Mums cohort. Again, we speak pretty much every week but have never met in person so that made the day extra special.

It was a real privilege to be in the room as so many other like-minded people and share our freelance experiences; good and bad. The speakers were all spot on too. From managing work/life blend to dealing with set backs to some of the techy stuff like SEO. I came away with a notebook full of notes and ideas. I even set up Google My Business on the train on the way home. The whole day left e feeling really positive and inspired. If you haven’t I recommend joining the Facebook group or taking part in the weekly tweet chat. I feel like I’ve truly found my tribe.

This month I also went to Instacake in Manchester, organised by the lovely Katya. We hit the Northern Quarter and got loads of photos. Practically every shop, bar and wall are Insta worthy. It’s a photographer’s dream and great to wander round as a group as everyone notices different things. It was really lovely to meet some new faces and catch up with old ones. I do love these events and fingers crossed I’ll squeeze another Instacake Blackpool in before the Summer Holidays.

Did you use the gender swap filter on Snapchat this month? How hilarious and hideous was it? Honestly, I had to delete my photo because it freaked me out so much.  I looked like my brother! It’s so interesting how these things can catch on and trend so quickly. I bet Snapchat were overjoyed!

So onto my social media news round up for May:

  1. Facebook changed their algorithms (shock) in two ways. The first prioritises friends that the user is most likely to want to hear from (based on past engagement) and the second focuses on increasing visibility to links the user might find most valuable. We don’t really have much control over the first change but the second is one for us all to think about in terms of only serving relevant, valuable content to your audiences. In simple terms, what are their pain points and how can you fix them?
  2. Instagram is now allowing horizontal video on IGTV – hallelujah! To me it hints at a bit of desperation by Insta to get us to use the feature but I’m not complaining as having one video format across all platforms makes life much easier.
  3. Sticking with Insta, to celebrate Pride Month they have added rainbow highlights to Stories featuring pride related hash tags. I think this is a lovely touch. Look out for stickers and GIFs too.
  4. Even more Insta. They’ve updated their Explore tab to include Stories and buttons which will take you directly to IGTV and shoppable content.  By doing this they’ve opened up the chances of your content being seen and provided us all with loads more accounts to check out for inspo. Check out my Insta post for a full round up of the changes.
  5. Over on Twitter users can now add images, video or GIFs to retweets where before you could only add text. I love this as it’s an even better way to engage with the author of the original tweet and attract others into the conversation.

This month I’ve been dipping in and out of the Sprout Social Index report. It looks at how social marketers can refine their goals and improve social performance by tapping into consumer insights and rising trends.  The report is packed full of really interesting insights. I’ll leave you with key trends to look out for:

  • Live video
  • User Generated Content
  • Instagram Stories
  • Private Community Groups

Have you considered any of these as part of your social strategy going forward?

Lastly, a big shout out to the DIFTK podcast which I’ve been listening to and howling at all month. Frankie and Steve tackle very relatable questions about juggling freelance life with having a family. While snacking. The episode in which Alexa makes an appearance is my absolute favourite. I think tea came out of my nose I was laughing that hard at one point.

On that note I’ll wrap things up! As ever let me know what you think of this round up.  If I can be of help just shout and if you’d like to know more about the services I offer, I’d love to chat.

Speak soon,

Kat x

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