March Social Media Round Up

I can’t believe it’s April already! How was March for you? Personal highlights were welcoming new clients and attending the digital marketing conference #ATOMICON19 in Newcastle. I met lots of lovely people and listened to some inspiring speakers. It was a great experience but utterly exhausting! I think I’m still digesting it all to be honest. I’m also really pleased to say that I’m working with the lovely website copywriter and content writer Sophie over at Kickstart Sophie. She’s currently developing a new service where she works with you to create website copy rather than doing it all for you. The project is in its early stages but I’m loving working in collaboration with another freelancer and will be helping her launch the service when it’s ready. Exciting times!

March Social Media Round Up

It was quite a month, as ever, in the world of social media so here are the highlights I’ve picked for you:

1.      DO NOT fake it until you make it

A court in New York State ruled buying and selling fake social media followers illegal and ordered companies under its jurisdiction providing these services to cease with immediate effect. While this is only one region in the US, it could signal the start of a change to clamp down on this ridiculous practice and hopefully see it stamped out once and for all. Why just why do people do this? It’s so fake and everyone sees through it now. I’m stopping before a rant comes on!

2.      Shop till you drop!

Pinterest have made it easier for you to shop on the platform by adding the option to ‘see more’ from a brand. So for example, if you click on a picture of a jacket from a certain brand you can click more and browse their entire online catalogue. This is in addition to the ‘shop the look’ option they added recently. Great for retailers, horrific for my bank balance!

3.      One is on Insta you know

The Queen published her first Instagram post on the official Royal Family account using an iPad. Not earth shattering news I know but massive shout out to the 92 year old for nailing it. The frustrations of trying (and failing) to teach my nana how to use her iPad are still fresh in my memory!

4.      It’s the end of the world as we know it

In mid-March Facebook and Instagram went offline for several hours causing mass panic. People of course flocked to Twitter to find out what the heck was going on and I lost a good hour of my day reading through the hilarious threads and conspiracy theories. Most popular was a covert operation by Twitter to pull the plug on their arch rivals, closely followed by blaming Brexit because that’s what we do now whenever anything goes wrong. Facebook blamed the outage on a “server configuration change.” Whatever that means. It is a reminder though to have a think about how you would reach your audiences if there was no social media and perhaps have a think about how to cultivate relationships elsewhere.

5.      Just when you think you’re getting the hang of it….

Facebook announce they are making changes to Facebook Ads by pulling the relevancy score and replacing it with three new metrics: quality ranking, engagement rate ranking and conversion rate ranking. Say what? I’ve also read about a new ‘automated ads’ feature Facebook are rolling out, so I’ll watch this with interest. The less manual intervention on Facebook Ads the better for me. I feel even Dumbledore would have his work cut out with this dark magic!

6.      Snap happy

Twitter launched a new camera tool where you swipe left from your feed and the camera is right there for you to snap away and tweet about your image in an instant. Great for events where you want to live tweet or capture something in the moment.

7.      Insta(nt) shopping

As if Pinterest wasn’t making a big enough dent in our bank balances, Instagram only goes and makes it even easier to shop online. See something you like on your grid? With just a few clicks you can choose different options like size and colour and pay for your item without leaving the app! This is currently only available in the US for a few larger retailers that have signed up for the trial. I suspect it will go really well and will be rolled out to more and more businesses fairly quickly.  I think this will be particularly great for small businesses so they can sell straight to the consumer and remove the ‘go to our website’ stage. It’s also great for the user to have so much choice at their finger-tips – a little too easy to spend though?

So that’s my round up for March. Have I missed anything? Which social media news items caught your eye last month? Let me know if you got up to anything new or exciting or share something you’re particularly proud of.

PS. If you missed the February round up it’s still available to read!

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