June Social Media Round Up

June Social Media Round Up

The first half of 2019 is done already! How was it for you? It’s been an absolute roller coaster for me but I’m learning to ride the highs and learn from the lows. I feel like I’m finding my freelancing feet but also know I’ve still got a lot to learn. As I look ahead to the next six months this makes me feel terrified and excited in equal measures! How are you feeling?


Early in the month I was honoured to be asked to host the Freelance Heroes tweet chat. I’ve never known an hour to fly by so quickly! It was full on, fast paced with top banter as usual from my favourite online community. Top tip – don’t ask people what their favourite childhood cartoon was as an icebreaker. I’m still catching up with the notifications now! (Mine was Jem – proper 80s child!) I was disappointed to miss the IPSE National Freelancers Day event in London on 20 June but I followed it closely on Twitter so my FOMO didn’t get the better of me. I had a little celebration at home in honour of the 2 million (and counting) UK freelancers out there doing their own thing, creating their businesses, their way. Awesome!

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook but it has really been my friend this month. After digging around in local groups I found a lovely ‘non networking’ group for creatives in Blackpool with a meet up scheduled for the next night. I went along and was surprised to bump into people I hadn’t seen for ages and meet some new friends. Local groups have also really been valuable for advertising my events. It takes a bit of work (don’t link drop and run!) but you definitely get out what you put in and with the ever-declining reach of the news feed, groups are where its at to connect with your clients and customers.

Speaking of events, Instacake Blackpool was back this month with a new group of Instacakers. We chatted all things small business and social media and took lots of lovely photos on our sunny photo walk where we had a rummage through a vintage market and scouted out hidden street art in the back streets of Blackpool. Once again I came away feeling really refreshed, made some lovely new connections and got to eat cake. Winning. I must get on with organising the next one!

I’m super proud to say that I achieved one of my goals for the year by holding my first social media workshop, Instagram for Business, this month. Despite initial worries that nobody would come, it was a sell out and I got some really lovely feedback from the people who came. I love that I’m able to help fellow small business owners move their businesses forward and again came away from the evening feeling really inspired to do more. The next workshop on 24 July 6:30-8:30pm at Glazey Days Creative Café if you’re interested!

Onto my social media round up for June:

As ever it was a busy month for Instagram!

  1. Instagram are testing in app stop motion video which means you’ll be able to create super cool videos without leaving the app. Perfect for food and product shots. It’s also a format that lend itself well to Insta Stories which kind of does this already.
  2. Up until now photos taken in Stories were only stored for 24hrs. Insta has now extended this to 7 days. Perfect for taking photos for example at an event or holiday over a few days and then choosing the best ones to use in your Story.
  3. Lyrics have come to Insta Stories! This is a really cool way to attract engagement to your posts as you can choose a song and the lyrics will appear in the screen for your viewers to sing along with. I can’t wait to try it out when it’s updated on my account!
  4. Ads will now appear in the Insta Explore tabs so another potential place for your paid for ads to be seen! You don’t have to spend a lot to get results and this is a major boost.
  5. Facebook are making changes to Business Pages. From August they’ll remove Mission, Company Overview and Personal Interests. I always recommend that my clients complete this section of a Page. I think it looks a bit lazy if it’s left blank. Go in and see if you can move the info to be deleted into another section so potential clients can learn as much about you as possible.
  6. Facebook has also announced they are launching their own cryptocurrency ‘Libra’ in 2020 which will let you buy things and send money with no fees, giving companies like PayPal a run for their money. This looks like another tactic to keep you in the app so expect them to develop the shoppable aspects of the platform in the non-too distant future!

The rest of the month I pointlessly spent avoiding Glastonbury Festival coverage as we didn’t get tickets this year.  Resistance is futile and I ended up having the radio and iPlayer coverage on constantly. Bravo to the BBC for the amazing job they did! Were you there? I’d love to hear about it.

That’s it for now. Catch up on previous round ups or follow me on Instagram for regular social media tips and general musings on freelance life.  As ever if there’s anything I can do to help just give me a shout!


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