February social media round up

The world of social media moves at such a fast pace. Honestly, for a social media marketer it can feel like a full time job keeping up. Changes to platforms, updates to algorithms, new trends, apps and advice. It’s like a constant merry go round which, while fun, will leave you with a headache and quite possibly feeling a little nauseous!

Each month then, I’m going to create a round up of, what I think, have been the most interesting updates or news in social media that I thought you might find useful to know about.

February Social Media Round Up

So let’s get started on February…

1.      The flamingo has landed!

In at number one is the announcement in early February that new emojis are on the way later this year. The new emojis will make the options more inclusive with icons for sign language, disabilities, guide dogs and prosthetic limbs. Also expect (among other things) more heart colours, a tuk-tuk and FINALLY a flamingo emoji! Is your much longed for emoji in the new line up? What would you like to see in there?

2.      Now you see them…

This month Instagram decided to remove viewer lists from Stories after 24hrs. I personally find this annoying as it’s taking away valuable insight into who is watching your Stories although the number of views remains. I’m not sure what Instagram’s reasoning is for doing this as surely they want users to have as much knowledge a possible to target their audiences and keep them on the platform? Did you notice the change? Has it impacted you in any way?

3.      The Instagram “did they or didn’t they?” debate

In mid February some accounts began to lose A LOT of followers prompting debate that Instagram was finally removing fake accounts. Twitter went into overdrive with conspiracy theories until Insta tweeted that they were “aware of an issue that is causing a change in account follower numbers right now.” There was no definitive answer as to what had happened and I’m unsure if people got their followers back but if Insta were removing fake accounts then I’m all for it! Don’t buy followers or use bots ever. It’s so obvious and dishonest. Not cool.

4.      IGTV anyone?

This month previews of IGTV started popping up in our feeds as part of Insta’s new effort to encourage brands to use this side of the platform. I’m not a fan. It kind of smacks of desperation on Insta’s part as they try to revive IGTV and I personally don’t want my feed disrupted by videos I’m not interested in. Apparently though views of IGTV videos have increased by over 300% since this development so watch this space. Will IGTV be the new Stories?

5.      Social media does good

Instagram have started testing a donation sticker for Stories which means people will be able to donate to charities and non-profits directly from the platform. Facebook have already set a precedent for this with the ‘support non-profit’ option when creating a new post. I wanted to include this in the list as there’s often so much negativity surrounding social media but this move shows that social media can be used for great things too.

6.       LinkedIn join the live party

LinkedIn have joined all the major social media platforms by recently launching LinkedIn Live in the USA so it probably won’t be long until it hits our shores. This is further proof that video is king and where brands should be focusing their efforts. What should we expect on LinkedIn? Probably lots of useful coverage of conferences, Q&As and behind the scenes or day in the life footage. Also expect a myriad of ‘gurus’ offering you the chance to “level up your business” and “get the money mindset you always dreamed of.” Yawn. Hope there’s a skip button!

7.      Twitter gets a facelift

This month Twitter started testing a new look desk top version of the platform. One of my clients has access and I have to say I really like it. It’s much cleaner and less cluttered. The feed takes up two thirds of the page which creates a sense of space and the tool bar at the top of the page has been pared back with simple icons. All the functionality is still there just in a much more user friendly layout. I like it and hope it’s rolled out for everyone soon.

8. Pinstagram

Evidence has emerged that Instagram is going to make it’s Collections functionality public. This means people will be able to view your saved posts which you can organise in collections very much like… Pinterest! I like the idea and think it would be amazing giving brands another option to showcase their stuff on the platform. I don’t think Pinterest need worry just yet though. A lot of people don’t even know that Collections is there and if you’re anything like me I save stuff haphazardly and don’t organise them into collections unlike my pretty Pinterest boards. Also as you can’t embed links into captions on Insta it won’t be as quick and easy as Pinterest to click on what you want to buy or read straight away.

So that’s my February Social Media round up. I hope you found it useful. Was there anything else that you think I could have included? As I said earlier keeping up with all the changes takes a lot of time so if I’ve missed anything do let me know or the sorts of things you’d like me to include in the next one.


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