August Social Media Round Up

And just like that it’s September! I hope you had a smashing time over summer with lots of memories made and your sanity just about still in tact.


We chose to go on a camping holiday in Scotland during the wettest week ever. Still the rain didn’t dampen our spirits (we ditched the tent and good old Air BnB came to the rescue). It was lovely to be away as a family, doing what we pleased when we pleased. Scotland was so beautiful we will definitely go back and explore some more – when it’s a bit dryer.

As much as I like being out of the routine, I like getting back to it. I love September and all the back to school vibes. Of course any month that champions new stationery is fine with me! I always think this time of year is as much of a blank slate as 1st January. Refreshed (well ever so slightly more rested) from summer we’ve got the last four months of the year stretching out in front of us and lots of opportunity for the taking.

I fully intend to make the most of these months. I’ve started working with a new client so we’re busy working on their social media strategy which will take them through the rest of this year and beyond. I’ve also made really good progress on my website copy which I’m hoping to go live with in the next few weeks. Watch out for updates! I’ve also got a couple of other exciting plans in the pipeline which hopefully I’ll be able to share more information on in the October update.

How about you? What have you got planed for this month?

Let’s move on to what’s been happening in the wonderful world of social media during August.

  1. Hot on Instagram’s heels, Facebook has been spotted testing hiding likes and other reactions on posts.  This is a bit of a back track for Facebook as they only rolled out their range of reactions in the past couple of years. It looks like they are taking on board concerns around social media having a detrimental effect on the mental health of some users. A positive move I think.
  2. Instagram got fed up with ANOTHER hoax viral post doing the rounds. This one was around a supposed rule change in relation to photo re-use. The post basically made out that Instagram were owners of all images posted on the platform and could do whatever they liked with them. Insta quite rightly called it out as the utter nonsense it was. Honestly, I don’t know where these things come from. Some people have too much time on their hands!
  3. Facebook announced plans to open pop up cafes across London to help users with their privacy settings. Great PR stunt – but what about the rest of the UK?
  4. Facebook have added a slideshow option to Stories. You’ve been able to do this on Insta for a while now and makes it much easier if you want to upload a lot of similar content at the same time. Good move!
  5. Facebook have added Instagram scheduling into their creator studio app. As any social media manager will tell you, not being able to schedule in the Insta app is a pain in the proverbial. This update does help a little although it’s a bit clunky and you can’t preview your grid. I won’t be giving up my third party scheduling aps just yet but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.
  6. Seems like Mark Zuckerberg has had a bit of a strop and wants all Facebook brands including WhatsApp and Instagram to have Facebook in their official title. He wants to strengthen their brand identity, the rest of us… well we don’t really care do we? I mean, “Have you checked Instagram from Facebook today?” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue does it?

In my July round up I talked about Instagram likes being hidden and the potential for other metrics to start to replace it. Well, social media does not hang around. Already people are shifting their focus to the amount of times a post is saved and tracking this as a key metric. You can read more about it in this article from Later.

After initial reservations I’ve decided it’s actually a healthy metric to track. For me a post really has to stand out, educate or inspire if I’m going to save it. I’m hoping this will make people up their game and make them really think about what they’re posting and who they’re trying to reach. Watch this space!

That’s it for this month, hope you have a great September.  As ever if there’s anything I can help with give me a shout.

Actually, just one last cheeky plug for my Instagram for Business workshop which is back on 2 October. If you’re struggling to get your stuff seen – I can help! Head to my Instagram for all the details @stripesocial.  

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