April Social Media Round Up

Hello and how are you?

Firstly I know this round up is coming out a little later than usual. I seem to have had quite a few days away from work over the last month with my birthday, Easter, a little break away with my fiancé and now the bank holiday. Even though I’ve been working most evenings after the toddler has gone to bed I seem to be constantly playing catch up. However, sorry not sorry as I think it’s super important to avoid burn out, take time out to rest and be with family. How do you feel about this?


Secondly, I’m stoked to say that I’m writing this update from my new home office. I finally have a space of my own to work in. I’d taken over the kitchen table which 1. Isn’t practical as I had to clear my things every time we ate and 2. Meant I was easily distracted by household chores that needed doing. Now I can shut the door and focus on my to do list. It’s a work in progress. I need to get some shelves and prints up but I love it already! Where do you work from? Do you find you need your own space to work in? Do you need to set up a boundary between work and life?

In other April news I hosted the first Instacake Blackpool! What on earth is that you say? Instacake is a non networking networking event where lovers of the Gram come together to talk about Instagram, eat cake and then go on a photo walk together. It’s the brain child of Charlie Budd (aka the Tall Photographer) he started the event in Stratford Upon Avon, it then came to Manchester (where it’s run by my friend Katya Willems) which is where I joined and I’ve now brought it to Blackpool. It’s a chance to hang out with lovely like minded people, make connections and take lots of photos to fill your grid.

For a first event I think it went really well. In the end there were only four of us but that didn’t matter as the chat was flowing and we had so much fun taking photos. We all came away from the day feeling really energised and inspired which is the best you can hope for isn’t it? I’m going to organise another Blackpool meet up in the summer so keep your eyes peeled for information if you want to join us.

Now onto my social media highlights. Here’s what I’ve picked out for you:

  1. In a move to demystify the algorithm (which so many still don’t understand) Facebook are rolling out a feature that shows users why they’re seeing posts on their feed. Users will also be able to edit their newsfeed preferences. Of course this is a reaction to the numerous privacy scandals Facebook have got themselves embroiled in but I think it’s a good move and puts the onus on the individual to consider and take control of their feed. I don’t think it’s enough now to remain ignorant to how social media businesses operate. The responsibility lies with both parties.
  2. Twitter has reduced the number of accounts users can follow in one day from 1000 to 400. This is in a bid to stop the stupid follow/unfollow malarkey that is rife on social media these days. I’m sure this will go some way to helping but 400 still sounds like a lot to me. Perhaps Twitter would be better monitoring and suspending or deleting the accounts of repeat offenders?
  3. One of the biggest news stories was Lush quitting social media citing that they were tired of fighting the algorithms, didn’t want to pay to reach their customers and wanted to make more human connections through email and their call centre. It definitely divided opinion as to if this was a good or bad move. I personally don’t think it’s a great move. In 2019 to turn your back on social media marketing because it’s getting a bit difficult is a bit bonkers to me. We’re all in the same boat. I’m sure their marketing team could have gone back to the drawing board and come up with a refreshed, reenergised campaign rather than abandoning the channels where their customers are daily, even hourly. Time will tell if they stand by their decision.
  4. This month LinkedIn rolled out post reactions so you can now mark posts with like, celebrate, love, insightful or curious. The LinkedIn old guard are furious! They think the professional feel to the platform is becoming diluted with nods to other social sites like this. I personally don’t mind. I find LinkedIn overwhelming at the best of times so the ability to quickly leave a reaction is fine with me.
  5. It’s emerged that Instagram are testing communal video watching (a bit like Facebook’s Watch Party) which will be a social media marketers dream if rolled out. It’s be great for getting instant engagement and feedback on product launches and for setting up ‘exclusive’ viewings and enticing influencers. I really hope it’s something they invest in and roll out soon.
  6. A viral post swept across social this month from The Atlantic called ‘The Instagram aesthetic is Over’. When I read the title my first thought was “phew”. I remember the pre polished, pre algorithm, posts in chronological order days of Instagram, when you didn’t have to fight to get your content seen. Now it’s just blimmin’ exhausting! I don’t think Insta walls and coffee cup flat lays will disappear any time soon but I am glad that there are Influencers leading the way in being more natural with photography (even though some of the example shots in the article still seemed styled).
  7. At the F8 event this year (where Facebook announce planned big changes for their family of social media platforms) the hottest news was 1. The Facebook redesign (no blue bar), 2. testing removing likes from Instagram and 3. Moving to a more private feel on Facebook by concentrating on groups and Messenger rather than the Newsfeed and Pages. All pretty big moves. I’m going to watch these announcements with interest and report back on them in future updates.

So another action packed month. I’d love to know what you think about any of the news items I’ve included. Did anything else catch your eye? Also, don’t forget you can still read my March round up if you missed it.

Feel free to slide into my social DMs for a chat any time!


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