The lurg

Well best laid plans!  My ‘get your shiz together mama’ week has been severely hampered by a massive dose of the lurg in our house.  48 hours of sickness and other unspeakable expelling of bodily fluids for me and Daddy Day Care.  Nice one.  On my week off too.  Thank you life.  One minute we’re fine, the next we’re both being sick in the kitchen bin (why Daddy Day Care thought it was a good idea to make Willow a TUNA sandwich when we were both green around the gills I will never know) Luckily Willow has managed to evade the lurginess. I’m not sure I would have coped with cleaning her up while feeling so grotty.

The Lurg

So, first time being ill with a baby to care for. Here’s what I learned:

  1. As soon as you are ill your child will become hyper mobile.  Pre lurg Willow could get around but slowly.  As soon as the first vom hit the toilet bowl she was Baby Bolting it across the dining room floor heading towards certain danger in the kitchen.  This required one of us to heave our weary selves off the sofa and halt the impending doom. Without throwing up on her head.
  2. Changing nappies is unbearable.  You’re on the verge of voming anyway  – a steaming turd will do the trick every time.  And your child will start shitting like a rhino for the duration of your illness.
  3. Your child will want to jump on your stomach and head at regular intervals as you lie prostrate on the sofa too weak to fight them off.  Why just why??
  4. There will be a stand off between you and your partner during the night when the baby wakes up.  How long will you both lie there claiming you are the most ill before someone gives in….?
  5. Your lovely family and friends will rally round you and come to the rescue when needed.  Thank you to our Grandy and Auntie Danielle for taking Willow and letting us get a few hours of blessed child free sleep.  And sorry that you are both now chucking up as a result.  Really sorry.

Speak soon

Kat x

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