Peppa Pig’s Adventure

Peppa Pigs Adventure

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Peppa Pig is back in 2018 with a brand new live show. We were lucky enough to catch it at the Manchester Opera House in March. We, along with hundreds of other excited babies and toddlers (and their mums and dads) got to join Peppa and her friends for one of their action packed, super fun adventures.


Camping adventure

The day started with a big game of hide and seek where we were introduced one by one to Peppa’s little friends. They all went into the school to do their alphabet lesson with Madame Gazelle before it was time to get ready for their camping trip that afternoon. Daddy pig made sure everyone had a packed lunch and drove them in the bus to the campsite where they settled in for more games and camping fun.

As night settled in the excited group got to sit around the campfire and sing songs. They then learned all about animals that come out at night and watched frogs jump across their tents and owls and bats swoop in the night sky.

The friends were having such a good time that they couldn’t get to sleep so their guide sang them a beautiful lullaby and we saw Peppa’s dreams float across the stage as they all settled down in their tents.

Muddy puddles

When they wake up in the morning they discover it has rained during the night. So guess what….. there are lots of muddy puddles to jump in! They jumped so hard we got splashed too (courtesy of a water gun from one of the production crew). Such a lovely way to end their big adventure.

We absolutely loved this show (even our own Daddy Pig). From the moment the Peppa Pig theme tune started to the end of the last song, Willow was enthralled. I don’t think she could quite believe that real life Peppa Pig was right there in front of her. Every time a new character came on stage she squealed with delight and shouted their name at the top of her voice (as did every other child in the theatre!). She cried at the end because she didn’t want the show to be over.

Bingly bongly boo

The show was about an hour in total including the interval. We took snacks to keep Willow entertained but honestly, we didn’t need them. The show was interactive so there was lots of singing and actions to follow and dancing for the children (and parents) to get involved with. The children nearly lifted the roof off with a rousing version of the Bingly Bongly Boo song!

The puppetry and stage sets were fabulous. The children loved the bats and owls as they flew out over the audience and watching Peppa’s dreams fly through the night sky as fluorescent shapes against a black back drop was just lovely.

Great idea daddy

We thought the staff at the Opera House were all very accommodating of the children. It can’t be easy watching hundreds of kids tearing around the place, spilling popcorn and leaving sticky paw prints everywhere. Of course, on the way out daddy got sucked into buying Willow a giant dinosaur balloon while I was in the queue to collect her buggy. Great until it was left to mummy to carry it through Manchester city centre, walloping unsuspecting pedestrians on the head with it as we went!

The show is touring throughout the country for the rest of the year. Head over to the Peppa Pig Live website for more info and to buy tickets.

Have you seen any of the Peppa Pig live shows? We’re definitely going to check out others in the future.

Speak soon,
Kat xx

We received complimentary tickets for this show via We Blog North. All views are a true and honest reflection of our experience.

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