7 things to think about when returning to work

So it’s finally here! You’re returning to work after the glorious, heady days of maternity leave.  OK they were sick covered and sleep deprived but let’s be positive!  You may be feeling nervous, emotional and  perhaps even a little excited  by the lure of a hot brew, adult conversation and being surrounded by people who can […]

BBC’s The Replacement

I really enjoyed watching ‘The Replacement’ on BBC1 recently (well actually we watched it on iPlayer because, if you have kids, who watches programmes when they are actually on?) as I found it really relatable to my experience of being in work before and after Willow was born. I probably should just clarify at this […]

The day we caught the train

Yesterday was well ace and for three reasons: It was my day off Willow went on a train for the first time and didn’t kick off I got to meet Anna Whitehouse aka Mother Pukka Instamum extraordinaire and lots of lovely mums at the Manchester Mamas Collective. After a crap first week back at work […]

The back to work countdown begins

Current mood: Scared, guilty, happy, sad, slightly hysterical…. Number of times I’ve cried: 2 Number of websites scoured for fab ‘going back to work clothes’: All of them! Not another mum blog I hear you say! Well yes it is but my head and heart are so full of conflicting feelings about returning to work […]