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Hey! I’m super excited to be going to my first Blog On conference  this week.  I’ve been to a few blogging events but not one as big as this.  I’ve heard nothing but great things about it so my expectations are high. So after weeks of wondering “do I really need to bring a suitcase?” I have finally got round to my icebreakers.  Can’t wait to read yours!

The I'm Going To Blog On Linky
This is us!
  1. Three words to describe me – Fun, loyal, knackered!
  2. I’ve been blogging for about 10 months now. I started the blog because I was going bat shit crazy about returning to work after my maternity leave. I wanted to connect with the trillion other parents who had been through it already. It really helped to calm me down and provide reassurance that we were all going to be ok.  I hope to be able to do this for other parents through my blog now.
  3. My blog name…. I wanted to blog about what mattered to me and I knew it would be chaos so I chose Confessions of a Working Mum.   I wish I’d done my research instead of going in feet first though because there are loads of other parenting blogs with similar names. Lesson learned!
  4. The best thing to come from blogging so far is the community I have been welcomed into. It’s great that I’ve found my tribe and I get to (virtually) connect with other parents. I feel like I can pretty much say anything without getting judged. The support and laughs you get are priceless.
  5. The thing I remember most from my childhood is playing with my grandad who has sadly passed away now. We would get dressed up, put face paints on and make up the silliest games. He always had time to play and nothing was out of bounds.
  6. Something interesting about me…. I hate this question! I can’t think of anything right now but I’m not boring – honestly!
  7. Twitter is the social media channel that best describes my personality – fast and furious, constantly on the go and rambling!
  8. My happy song is Pretender by the Foo Fighters – it’s actually quite shouty but never fails to make me smile and feel re-energised.
  9. My favourite alcoholic drink is a Porn Star Martini. Passion fruit and vodka with a shot of fizz. Perfect.
  10. My favourite cake is Victoria Sponge.
  11. My favourite takeaway dish is Thai Massaman Curry… I’m hungry now!
  12. Having travelled quite extensively I have ticked a few places off but I would love to go to South America. The Machu Picchu trail is on my bucket list.
  13. My superhero name would be the Mighty Mama – waging war on evil dictators and dirty nappies daily.
  14. My magical power would be to make everybody nice to each other.
  15. I’m fairly certain, judging by the state of our carpets, that Weetabix would survive a zombie apocalypse so I’d build a house out of it and glue zombies to the ground with it fired out of a special Weetabix gun similar in design to the Minions fart gun.
  16. I would send Donald Trump into space in a heartbeat.
  17. What would I have on my gravestone? Whaaaaat? I’ve never thought about this…. “She loved, she lived, she laughed.”
  18. I would make headline news around the world for inventing the first self changing nappy #prayforthis
  19. I could probably get to Blog On by bike – I might have to set off now though!

See y’all soon! Kat xx

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The I'm Going To Blog On Linky


4 thoughts on “The ‘I’m going to Blog On’ linky

  1. oh i like a good loud shouty song especially when its from the Foo Fighters! Ha id love a weetabix gun such a good idea!! See you at BlogOn!

  2. I’m with you and A.K. The Foo Fighters are always good to cheer you up! You are yet another person sending DT into space. I reckon 2/3 of posts send him off 😀
    Thank you for taking part in the linky. Have a safe journey however you travel! See you there. Jenny – commenting on behalf of myself and Blog On UK

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