Play! at Chester Zoo

Last summer we were lucky enough to be offered complimentary tickets to go to Chester Zoo to check out their new Play! area. It’s an area in the middle of the zoo where kids can go and play, climb, slide, dig, splash and hop to their heart’s content while parents take a well earned sit […]

Gruffalo spotting

Recently we visited Grizedale Forest in the Lake District to go in search of the elusive Gruffalo on their Gruffalo Spotters Trail. For the past couple of Christmases and birthdays Willow has got lots of different Julia Donaldson books so we have been reading the Gruffalo and other stories for a while now. We’ve also […]

Meal planning

As a working parent you need to be organised. Sadly I am lacking in this department and most days end up running around like a headless chicken.  As much as I would love to I’m not really in a position to offer you many working mum hacks* but there is one thing we seem to […]

Roald Dahl Day

It was Roald Dahl day this week and looking at all the fabulous photos of your Minpins dressed up as his characters on social media got me thinking about his books and all the lovely memories I have of turning the pages on his extraordinary tales. Looking back I can see he played a massive […]

Parenting skills for your CV

Have you been on maternity leave or had time out from the rat race to bring your children up? Are you maybe thinking about going back to work or looking for a change of career direction? Easier said than done. Where do you even start when you’ve been living in a bubble of CBeebies, dirty nappies […]

Baby sleep breakthrough

So we’ve had a bit of a breakthrough on the old sleep front. Believe me I’m not showing off. I feel like I’m totally jinxing things by publishing this blog but I wanted to share our experience with you so if you are going through something similar, you can take heart and know that baby […]

Glastonbury Festival 2017

Last weekend Anthony and I were lucky enough to have tickets for Glastonbury Festival.  It was my seventh time there and Anthony’s thirteenth trip to Worthy Farm so I guess you could say we are seasoned Glasto goers.  We gave serious thought to taking Willow with us but for this year, much as we love […]

7 things to think about when returning to work

So it’s finally here! You’re returning to work after the glorious, heady days of maternity leave.  OK they were sick covered and sleep deprived but let’s be positive!  You may be feeling nervous, emotional and  perhaps even a little excited  by the lure of a hot brew, adult conversation and being surrounded by people who can […]